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Table 2 Guideline elements, frequency of mention, and Derived Core Principles

From: Guidelines for responsible short-term global health activities: developing common principles

Guideline elements Element frequency Derived core principles
Volunteer motivations 8 Appropriate recruitment, preparation and supervision of volunteers.
Recruitment of volunteers 6
Preparation in cultural competency/language/cultural humility 23
Adequate supervision and limits for students. Participants 17
Volunteer safety 15
Matching volunteers’ skills with community/placement needs 10
Post-participation debriefing/re-entry support 5
Pre-trip volunteer technical job skills preparation 4
Partnerships, collaborations 19 A host partner that defines the program, including the needs to be addressed and the role of the host community in directing and teaching the volunteers.
Needs assessment 14
Clear statement of goals/agreement on purpose 12
Avoid replacing local staff and workers 7
Mutuality of respect and learning between hosts/guests 6
Sustainability: capacity building, training of local staff 16 Sustainability and continuity of programming
Continuity of program/care 10
Multi-week stay 5
Ethical principles for patient care 15 Respect for governance, ethical and legal practices.
Attention to legal and governance issues 12
Appropriate use of equipment and drugs 9
Logistics/specifics of planning 10
Financial transparency 7
Evaluation of impact on host community 13 Regular evaluation of programs for impact and revisions made accordingly, based on data and analysis
Student learning/volunteer benefit 9