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Table 1 Guidelines by Affiliation of First Author

From: Guidelines for responsible short-term global health activities: developing common principles

A. Health Professional School Faculty  
 Chapin E, Doocy S. [49]  
 Crump JA, J Sugarman, and the Working Group on Ethics and Guidelines for Global Health Training (WEIGHT). [24]  
 Dacso M, Chandra A, Friedman H. [50]  
 DeCamp M. [12]  
 Dowell J, Merrylees N. [51]  
 Maki J, Qualls M, White B, et al. [34] (MEDICAL STUDENT)  
 Mitchell K, Balumuka D, Kotecha V. [22]  
 Olenick P, Edwards J. [52]  
 Stone G, Olson K. [11]  
 Suchdev P, Ahrens K, Click E, et al. [53]  
 Umapathi [21]  
B. Health practitioner  
 Dowell J, Merrylees N [51]  
 Kingham TP, Price RR, Casey KM, et al. [54]  
 Landau S. [55]  
 O’Callaghan M. [56]  
 Wilson, J.W., Merry, S., Franz, W.B. [8]  
C. Professional Association  
 American Academy of Physician Assistants [57]  
 American Dental Education Association [58]  
 Association of American Medical Colleges [59]  
 Forum on Education Abroad [60]  
 Grimes, CE, Maraka J, Kingsnorth AN, et al. [23]  
 International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations [61]  
 World Medical Association [62]  
D. Social science faculty  
 Lasker, JN udith [7]  
 Melby MK, Loh LC, Evert J, et al. [6]  
E. NGO  
 AmeriCares [63]  
F. Hospital Association  
 Catholic Health Association [64]