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Table 8 Visits schedule for CHWs Counselling on Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition

From: Effectiveness of home-based nutritional counselling and support on exclusive breastfeeding in urban poor settings in Nairobi: a cluster randomized controlled trial

Visit Age of baby What to do/check Messages to be given and action
1 2–3 days How mother and baby are doing is baby breastfeeding well? Did mother get vitamin A supplementation? Did child get polio and BCG vaccination? • Counsel on exclusive breastfeeding
• Positioning and attachment if mother having difficulty
• Importance of hygiene for mother and baby
• Keep cord clean and dry
• Mother’s diet during breastfeeding
2 7 days Condition of baby and cord. Baby is now fully breastfeeding
Mother’s health and condition of breasts
• To continue exclusive breastfeeding
• Keep cord clean and dry
• Mother’s hygiene and diet
• If baby or mother unwell refer for care at health facility
3 14 days   • Give message on expressing breastmilk
• Review message on child spacing
4 21 days
5 1 month Baby and mother’s health • How to maintain exclusive breastfeeding
• Give mother message on expressing breastmilk
• Importance of the 6 week check up for mother and baby
• Immunization
6 2 months Check mother baby book for immunization (Polio, Pentavalent, Pneumococcal at 6, 10 & 14 weeks) and growth monitoring. Has mother started attending a family planning clinic? • Counsel on how to combine work with exclusive breastfeeding
• Show mother how to express and store breastmilk
7 3 months
8 4 months
9 5 months   • Start discussing complementary feeding
10 5.5 months Check immunisation – if no missed doses; is baby growing well? • Continue counselling on complementary feeding: the foods to give, food hygiene, frequency and amounts in the 6th month
• Vitamin A supplementation
11 6 months Is baby growing well?
Baby due for vitamin A supplementation
• Encourage to continue breastfeeding on demand. Start small amounts of complementary feeds 2 times per day
12 7 months Continue checking baby’s growth and health
Remind mother to take baby for measles immunisation (9 months); vitamin A (12 months)
• Continue breastfeeding on demand
• Gradually increase amounts and frequency; give a variety to meet baby’s needs for adequate growth
13 8 months
14 9
15 10
16 11
17 12
  1. Always refer mother or baby to a health facility for illnesses or poor growth