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Table 3 Implementation of the TTT Programme

From: Cascading training the trainers in ophthalmology across Eastern, Central and Southern Africa

Implementation Skills successfully implemented Skills yet to be implemented
Success = performed by ≥50% of delegates “often” or “always” write aims and objectives for teaching
use a variety of teaching styles
use interactive techniques in teaching
use 4-step technique for practicals
give feedback after supervision
use 4-step technique for feedback
ensure trainees have educational supervisor
obtain formal evaluation of teaching sessions
give feedback after supervising someone of another profession
Success = performed by ≥50% of delegates at least 4 times in 3 months deliver a formal teaching session
supervise a trainee or others
give formal feedback / appraisal
formally assess a trainee
appraise a trainee
appraise a consultant colleague or someone from another profession
formally assess a trainee (eg: work place based assessments)
have responsibility for a trainee in difficulty (TiD)
develop other trainers (eg: lectures, planning meetings, formal discussions)
Success = performed by ≥50% of delegates once in 3 months review and update your personal development plan (PDP)  
  1. Skills were considered to have been successfully implemented if they were performed by over half of delegates (n = 20) with an appropriate frequency at the time of the follow up questionnaire