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Table 2 Items from Delegate action plans drawn up at the end of the second 3-day course

From: Cascading training the trainers in ophthalmology across Eastern, Central and Southern Africa

Time scale Action Plan for the individual/unit/country
2 weeks give feedback using the four step technique [14]
perform an appraisal with at least one trainee
discuss learning from the course with local trainers
discuss progress with one other delegate by telephone
enter each action point onto an personal development plan listing: objective, action required and outcome/evaluation, all with dates
COECSA Administrator to coordinate circulating e-mails to the group to keep them in touch regularly.
2 months write aims and objectives for their own existing lectures and rework lectures to address these
plan teaching sessions to incorporate a variety of styles and techniques, including preparation by audience and increasing interaction
use the four-step technique for teaching practical skills [13]
apply teaching methodologies to all professions, eg: including OCOs nurses, to roll out a change in ethos
use evaluation forms to collect feedback on teaching
create a comfortable learning environment in theatres, including storing the vitrector in the theatre for ease of access and communication
communicate what has been learned on the course to the rest of the department, and work out how to get them on board, possibly using existing departmental meetings
incorporate teaching on training into existing teaching sessions
review current training systems in the unit and identify which parts would be easiest to modify first
allocate an educational supervisor to each trainee, and ensure they know they have a role in the career development of those trainees
introduce a trainee portfolio
develop an appraisal system for trainees with the necessary tools, and communicate its implementation to trainers and trainees
2 years RCOphth is helping design the curriculum with WBAs to include in the trainee portfolio
develop an appraisal system for trainers
evaluate the quality of the training programme and list areas for improvement
evaluate specific training areas, eg: cataract outcomes
use evidence collected to influence any difficulties in cascading which may occur at country level
design methods for cascading Training the Trainers
Ophthalmic Committee Meetings for COECSA or Ophthalmic Societies to be used as a focus for further Training the Trainers sessions
COECSA Annual Conference to have a session on training each year
  1. Delegates were asked to write down actions at individual, unit and COECSA levels, which they wanted to undertake by 2 weeks, 2 months and 2 years
  2. OCO Ophthalmic Clinical Officer, WBA Work-place Based Assessment