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Table 1 Course objectives for delegates

From: Cascading training the trainers in ophthalmology across Eastern, Central and Southern Africa

Module Objectives Teaching & Enhancing Learning Supervision in Practice Programme management & Trainees in difficulty
Didactic/discursive material
Delivered through pre-learning or interactive lectures
Understand the tools and how to apply them
Techniques to enhance the value of teaching
Tailoring teaching to the learners
Setting aims and objectives
Designing a teaching session
Teaching practical skills, including surgery [13]
Evaluation and feedback
Feedback skills [14]
Appraisal skills
Curriculum implementation
Formative assessment by WBAs and portfolio
Summative assessment
Assessment meetings with trainees
Trainer behaviours
Spectrum of TiDs
Difficult feedback
Complex appraisals
Using objective assessment in target setting
Stages and techniques for managing TiDs
Trainer in difficulty
Unit in difficulty
Practical skills
Including multiple, intensively-facilitated small group discussions, practical skills and role plays
Fine tune their skills through observation, practice and individual feedback
Use objective setting to stimulate and direct learning
Plan a teaching half day to maximise interest and learning
Deliver a lecture
Use interactive techniques
Use a four-step approach to teaching practical skills [13]
Evaluate teaching and improve through feedback [14]
Use objective setting to stimulate and direct learning
Motivate trainees through feedback [14]
Improve learning from formative assessment
Make accurate summative assessments for supervisor reports
Develop action plans through which to monitor progress
Guide personal and professional development
Talk to trainees about their shortcomings
Use questions to solve problems
Recognise a trainee in difficulty
Instigate mechanisms for early detection
Collect appropriate evidence
Discuss problems with a trainee and assess insight
Set an action plan
Write an objective report
Access help and support
  1. The course is delivered in three modules which each have didactic/discursive and practical components
  2. WBA Work-place Based Assessment, TiD Trainee in Difficulty