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Table 5 Free text responses to questions asking if the training had impacted participant’s perception of teamwork, communication and safe anaesthesia in the operating room

From: Interval follow up of a 4-day pilot program to implement the WHO surgical safety checklist at a Congolese hospital

Teamwork • We are now all on the same page
• We can help each other and encourage each other
• We now have a team atmosphere, suggestions and mutual exchanges
• Everybody in the operating knows their role
Communication • We are now free to disagree
• Before I would just get angry if people weren’t interested, now we can talk about it
• Professional information is now shared
• We are nicer to each other
Organisation • It has brought our team to life
• We are more precise
• More efficient
Safe anaesthesia • It is safer now because before, the anaesthetist didn’t tell us if there was problems
• We always ask now if anaesthesia is ready and if anything is missing
• Because of the pulse oximeter I feel safer giving anaesthesia
• I think there are less deaths now