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Table 3 Thematic network analysis: from basic themes to organising themes

From: Getting off on the wrong foot? How community groups in Zimbabwe position themselves for partnerships with external agencies in the HIV response

Basic Themes Organizing Themes
Community groups support PLWHA and orphaned and vulnerable children Representations of self: “It is very good for us to work together”
Community group members support each other
Community groups cannot respond effectively to HIV on their own
Collaboration is necessary, provides credibility and motivation
NGOs set the priorities Representations of other: “they [NGOs] have the final say, and we just do what they say”
NGOs expect obedience
NGOs may not approach the community ‘the right way’
Active community groups more likely to be selected by NGOs as partners Communicative strategy: “they [NGOs] should not be met by lazy people”
Community groups distance themselves from ‘laziness’