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Table 2 Timeline of data harmonisation, data dictionary development and evaluation

From: Developing consensus measures for global programs: lessons from the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Hypertension research program

Date of activity Activity undertaken
March–August, 2012 Successful Hypertension GACD Programme awardees announced.
December,2012–February, 2013 Discussion group formed at GACD ASM.
Data Standardisation Working Group proposed and agreed upon.
March, 2013 Data Standardisation Working Group formally constituted.
March–August, 2013 Scoping exercise to identify potential consensus variables and summarise data across eight domains for all Hypertension Programme projects.
August–November, 2013 Data dictionary drafted as a recommended set of consensus measures based on previous scoping exercise and summary steps
November, 2013 Data Standardisation Working group presents recommendations for common measures to be adopted at 2013 GACD ASM.
December, 2013–February, 2014 Further refinement of draft data dictionary based on feedback received at 2013 GACD ASM.
February, 2014 Final version of consensus data dictionary released
February, 2015 Follow-up survey conducted to assess level of adoption of recommended measures.
April–November, 2015 Analysis of implementation of data dictionary by teams