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Table 1 Complete list of items used to assess the health belief model (HBM) constructs and willingness

From: Uptake of the human papillomavirus vaccine in Kenya: testing the health belief model through pathway modeling on cohort data

Constructs baseline/follow-upa Item wording (response options) # items αb
Severity baseline How serious would it be if your daughter would have cervical cancer? (1 = not serious at all–5 = very serious) 1 n/a
Susceptibility baseline How likely is it that your daughter would develop cervical cancer in the future? (1 = very unlikely–5 = very likely) 1 n/a
Benefit health baseline You would vaccinate your daughter because: 3 .888
The vaccine will protect her health. (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree)   
The vaccine will protect her reproductive health. (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree)   
The vaccine will prevent her from having cervical cancer. (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree)   
Barriers baseline You would not vaccinate your daughter because:   
 Lack of
You need more information first (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree) 1 n/a
 vaccine efficacy
You doubt that the vaccine will truly prevent cervical cancer and genital warts (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree) 1 n/a
You think vaccination always takes a lot of time. (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree) 2 .791
You think it’s inconvenient that she needs 3 doses. (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree)   
You think it might have unknown future side effects. (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree) 3 .882
You think it might interfere with her fertility. (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree)   
You’re afraid the vaccine will not be administered safely (clean needles). (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree)   
You think your partner or her father won’t approve it. (1 = strongly disagree–5 = strongly agree – 0 = no current relationship) 1 n/a
Self-efficacy baseline Are you confident that you could let your daughter get vaccinated if you wanted? (1 = not confident at all–5 = very confident) 2 .762
For you, if you want your daughter to be vaccinated against cervical cancer, that would be. (1 = very difficult–5 = very easy)   
Adequate promotionc follow-up    
 Personal level Did you feel well informed regarding the cervical cancer vaccination program? (0 = no, 1 = yes) 1 n/a
 School level School average of adequate promotion at personal level 1 n/a
Willingness to vaccinate baseline Would you vaccinate your daughter against cervical cancer? (1 = very unlikely–5 = very likely) 2 .901
Will you let you daughter get vaccinated against cervical cancer through this program? (1 = very unlikely–5 = very likely)   
  1. aMeasure obtained from baseline or follow-up interview
  2. bCronbach’s alpha (α) indicating the reliability
  3. cParticipants were asked if that had heard about the HPV vaccination program at the hospital after being informed during the baseline interview. If yes, they were asked whether or not they had felt well-informed