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Table 4 Articles of the Code supporting sustainable health workforce development

From: Empirically evaluating the WHO global code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel’s impact on four high-income countries four years after adoption

Sub-articles of the Code encourage member states to:
• Consider adopting measures to address the geographical maldistribution of health workers and to support their retention in underserved areas, such as through the application of education measures, financial incentives, regulatory measures, social and professional support (Article 5.7)
• Consider strengthening educational institutions to scale up the training of health personnel and developing innovative curricula to address current health needs (Article 5.5)
• Include [in bilateral/regional agreements] the provision of technical assistance, support for health personnel retention, support for training in source countries, twinning of health facilities, support for capacity building in the development of appropriate regulatory frameworks (Article 5.2) [7]