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Table 6 Information extracted from the selected articles

From: Bibliometric trends of health economic evaluation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Category Name of the Variable Description
GENERALINFORMATION: ARTICLE Title Title of the article
Year (2004–2014) Publication Year
Method (cost-effectiveness = 1) In those cases in which the methodology applied can be classified as cost-effectiveness analysis the value will be equal to 1. If that is not the case, the name of the methodology applied should be included.
Journal Journal name
GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE Country Countries from the list of the selected countries that are analysed in the document.
Article focus is on Africa (YES/NO) Yes = The article analyses only African countries.
No = The analysis includes countries inside and outside Africa. In this case only those articles in which at least one of the first three authors is from Africa are included.
DISEASE AND TYPE OF INTERVENTION Type of Intervention Based on the classification use by the MRC in its document Outputs, Outcomes and Impact of MRC Research [55]:
 • Diagnostic Tool – Imaging
 • Diagnostic Tool - Non-Imaging
 • Health and Social Care Services
 • Management of Diseases and Conditions
 • Preventative Intervention - Behavioural risk modification
 • Preventative Intervention - Nutrition and Chemoprevention
 • Preventative Intervention - Physical/Biological risk modification
 • Products with applications outside of medicine
 • Support Tool - For Fundamental Research
 • Support Tool - For Medical Intervention
 • Therapeutic Intervention - Cellular and gene therapies
 • Therapeutic Intervention – Complementary
 • Therapeutic Intervention – Drug
 • Therapeutic Intervention - Medical Devices
 • Therapeutic Intervention – Physical
 • Therapeutic Intervention - Psychological/Behavioural
 • Therapeutic Intervention – Radiotherapy
 • Therapeutic Intervention – Surgery
 • Therapeutic Intervention - Vaccines
Disease The analysis is related to the treatment, diagnostic or prevention of the disease that is included in this column.
Main Conclusion Use the exact quotation as appeared in the abstract.
AUTHORS’ INFORMATION Authors Name of the first three authors.
Affiliation Country of the First, Second and Third Authors 1) Only the first three authors.
2) In those cases in which the three authors have the same affiliation country, only one country appears in this column.