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Table 5 Articles that analysed more than one African country

From: Bibliometric trends of health economic evaluation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Countries included in the study Title of the Article Year
Botswana/Kenya/South Africa/Tanzania Giving tranexamic acid to reduce surgical bleeding in sub-Saharan Africa: an economic evaluation 2010
Botswana/Kenya/Tanzania/Uganda/Zambia/Zimbabwe. Cost-effectiveness of nevirapine to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission in eight African countries 2004
Kenya/Mozambique/Tanzania/Uganda/Zimbabwe Health and economic impact of HPV 16/18 vaccination and cervical cancer screening in Eastern Africa 2012
Kenya/Uganda Economics of switching to second-line antiretroviral therapy with Lopinavir/ritonavir in Africa: estimates based on DART trial results and costs for Uganda and Kenya 2011
Malawi/Mozambique Predicting trends in HIV-1 sexual transmission in sub-Saharan Africa through the drug resource enhancement against AIDS and malnutrition model: antiretroviral for reduction of population infectivity, incidence and prevalence at the district level. 2012
Malawi/South Africa/Zimbabwe Cost-effective diagnostic checklists for meningitis in resource-limited settings 2013
Mozambique/Tanzania Cost-effectiveness of malaria intermittent preventive treatment in infants (IPTi) in Mozambique and the United Republic of Tanzania 2009
Nigeria/Ghana Cost-effectiveness analysis of unsafe abortion and alternative first-trimester pregnancy termination strategies in Nigeria and Ghana 2010
Nigeria/South Africa The potential cost and benefits of raltegravir in simplified second-line therapy among HIV infected patients in Nigeria and South Africa 2013
South Africa/Malawi Expanding ART for treatment and prevention of HIV in South Africa: estimated cost and cost-effectiveness 2011–2050 2012
Swaziland/Lesotho/Botswana/Malawi/Mozambique/Namibia/South Africa/Tanzania/Uganda/Zambia/Zimbabwe/Kenya Voluntary medical male circumcision: modelling the impact and cost of expanding male circumcision for HIV prevention in eastern and southern Africa 2012
Swaziland/Tanzania/Uganda/Zambia Assessing effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of concurrency reduction for HIV prevention 2011
Zimbabwe/Uganda Cost effectiveness analysis of clinically driven versus routine laboratory monitoring of antiretroviral therapy in Uganda and Zimbabwe 2012