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Table 2 Search terms for systematic search of literature

From: Promoting good policy for leadership and governance of health related rehabilitation: a realist synthesis

1(a) AND 2 AND 3  
1(b) AND 2 AND 3  
1 (a) Leadership AND policy. 1 (b) Governance AND policy.
2. CAHD OR CBR OR ‘Community approaches to handicap in development’ OR ‘Community based inclusive development’ OR ‘Community rehabilitation’ OR ‘Community based rehabilitation’ OR ‘Functional restoration’ OR Habilitation OR ‘Health related rehabilitation’ OR ILD OR ‘Inclusive local development’ OR ‘Participatory community development’ OR Rehab* OR Rehabilitation OR ‘Restoration of function’ OR (Rehabilitation w/3 (care OR services OR support OR therapy)) OR ((therapy OR therapies) w/3 (cognitive OR complementary OR occupational OR physical OR recreational OR respiratory OR social OR speech)).
3. Africa OR Asia OR Caribbean OR ‘Central America’ OR ‘Eastern Europe’ OR ‘Latin America’ OR ‘Less resourced’ OR LMIC OR LIC OR ‘Low income countries’ OR ‘Low income country’ OR ‘Low and middle income countries’ OR ‘Low and middle income country’ OR Pacific OR ‘South America’ OR ‘Third world’ OR ((developing OR ‘less developed’ OR ‘least developed’ OR ‘under developed’ OR poor) w/3 (countries or country or nation or nations)).