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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for realist review

From: Promoting good policy for leadership and governance of health related rehabilitation: a realist synthesis

Inclusion criteria  
 Publication Year 2003 – present.
 Language No restriction.
Searching will be conducted in English, with any non-English titles to be translated.
 Types of Research Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods:  - Intervention studies  - Descriptive studies
Research and development studies.
Programme evaluations.
 Types of Documents Primary and secondary (review) studies, including: - Journal articles, book chapters, policy reports, technical reports, conference proceedings and reports, and accessible dissertations. - Commentaries/Editorials
 Research Focus Addresses the following:  - Rehabilitation AND leadership/governance with a focus on policy  - Low-income setting OR can be applied to a low-income setting
Exclusion criteria  
 Publication Year Prior to 2003.
 Types of Research Protocols.
Testing measures.
 Types of Documents Book reviews, abstracts, bibliographies.
 Research Focus  - Rehabilitation services delivered by different sectors, i.e. vocational rehabilitation  - Not applicable to a low-income setting  - Non-disability related services
 Codes for Exclusion Rehabilitation – Article does not relate to issues of rehabilitation.
Policy – Article does not relate to leadership/governance with a focus on policy.
Setting – Study location not applicable.
Research – Research method does not fit inclusion criteria.
Document –  Document type does not fit inclusion criteria.