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Table 1 Examples of common approaches to partnership working in four frameworks

From: Health partnership research and the assessment of effectiveness

Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with DCs’ framework for transboundary research partnerships ([17], cited in [13]) Framework for Successful Research Partnership in Global Health [14] Kybele Partnership Model (cited in [16]) THET’s Principles of Partnership [18]
Set the agenda together; Interact with stakeholders Focus (including common goals and programme, vision) Develop local solutions based on assessment of need and capacity Strategic (including plans linked to identified needs); Respectful and reciprocal (including mutual engagement with each other’s needs and ideas)
Clarify responsibility Leadership (including delegation of roles, management) Ensure that a champion is selected who is committed to a partnership Organised and accountable (including governance structures)
Promote mutual learning [not explicit] M&E integrated into all Kybele programs Committed to joint learning