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Table 2 Predicted value of Corporate Health Impact Assessment

From: Assessing the health impact of transnational corporations: its importance and a framework

Predicted value to researchers
 Evidence to inform public policy decisions
 Evidence elucidating the health and health equity impacts of individual TNCs’ structures, products and practices; and how these differ between countries
 Understanding of how TNC practices affecting health are influenced by international and national regulatory structures
Predicted value to civil society activists
 Advocacy tool to enhance community capacity to understand and engage on issues associated with health impact of TNC operations
 Facilitate community involvement in debates about TNC health impact and possible government response
Predicted value to corporations
 Evidence to inform corporate policies and practices to reduce adverse and optimise positive impacts on health and health equity within their countries of operation; and to achieve greater equity of practices across countries
Predicted value to governments and policy-makers
 Evidence to inform policy decisions regarding project approval and appropriate regulation