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Table 1 Potential role of HIV care & treatment intake and follow up forms for NCD services

From: Adapting HIV patient and program monitoring tools for chronic non-communicable diseases in Ethiopia

Tool Role in HIV care and treatment Suggested uses for NCD services
Intake forms Facilitate patient enrolment into HIV care Help establish appropriate patient-health worker relationships
Systematically identify barriers and facilitators to adherence to ART Identify potential barriers to compliance with treatment
Collect baseline information on comorbidities, opportunistic infections(OIs), support system, disease stage Identify comorbidities, complications, disease stage, and support system
Aid adherence and risk behavior counselling Organize counseling on lifestyle modification such as diet, exercise, and other issues
Help in treatment planning Facilitates treatment planning
Follow up forms Provides information on pattern of follow up Ensuring regular follow up
Type and duration of treatment Treatment type and compliance monitoring
Assessment of need for change in treatment Assessment of whether treatment is working or not and need for change
Early detection and management of drug side effects Can help structure lifestyle changes counselling
Organized screening and monitoring of common complications (early detection) Facilitate systematic side effects monitoring and management
Facilitates and reminds important lab testing Facilitates systematic clinical and laboratory screening of complications and other risk factors
Helps provide other care in integrated manner (family planning, STI) Integrating service packages
Guides objective and frequent assessment of adherence to treatment and Organizes treatment and care history and ensures continuity of care in case of staff rotations and turnover
Facilitates planning for next appointment Joint planning of next appointment and setting treatment targets
Provide data for research and cohort monitoring Support research on NCDs
Facilitates referral to various services