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Table 1 Availability of sources of information recommended to monitor the CPA of the food industry during the period of data collection (March to May 2015) in Fiji

From: Analysis of the corporate political activity of major food industry actors in Fiji

Available sources of information Unavailable sources of information
 • Country-specific website for each industry actor
 • Industry actor social media accounts (Facebook, but no Twitter accounts)
 • News and media releases from the Fijian government
 • News articles related to the selected food industry actors and diet-related issues in major national newspapers
 • From the Parliament and for the Ministries (and related agencies) responsible for diet- and public health-related issues:
   Declarations of interests of all members
   Submissions to public consultations from the food industry on diet- and public health-related issues
   List of working groups on diet-related issues and the conflicts of interest of their members
   List of public-private initiatives on diet-related issues
   Minister’s diary disclosures
   Register of lobbyists
   Formal Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, or equivalent legislation through which researchers could have asked for:
   ▪ A list of meetings of food industry representatives from the selected sample of industry actors, with officials and/or representatives of the government
   ▪ Minutes and other reports of these meetings
   ▪ All correspondence (including emails) between food industry representatives from the selected sample of industry actors and officials and/or representatives from the government
 • Donations for elections from the food industry
 • Political parties annual returns for donations from the food industry
 • For major universities with a school/department of nutrition/dietetics or physical activity:
   Research projects, fellowships or grants funded by the selected food industry actors
   Prizes or awards offered to students by selected food industry actors