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Table 2 Timeline of development towards COSACO

From: Coalicion de Salud Comunitaria (COSACO): using a Healthy Community Partnership framework to integrate short-term global health experiences into broader community development

Sept 2011
 First meeting with key U.S. partners at the mission-hospital level
Early 2012
 Monthly teleconferences and e-mail list-serve for information exchange begin
Oct 2012
 First symposium held at academic institution in New England with three partner organizations.
Oct 2013
 Second symposium held; improved attendance. Mission hospital invited, but unable to attend.
Feb 2014
 Third symposium held with nearly 1/3rd of STEGH teams plus local mission hospital partners there. Discussions highlight need for greater information sharing.
May 2014
 Attendees from the symposium are at a major global health conference; during presentations, identify other attendees not part of the symposium collaboration that still work in La Romana; exchange contact information and agree to discuss ways to work together
Jul 2014
 Initial teleconference held amongst newly expanded group. Suggestion to develop a local healthy community partnership to improve STEGH work.
Aug 2014
 Two partners visit La Romana and meet with key stakeholders (local government, public health, non-profit stakeholders, university partners) to pitch HCP idea and obtain feedback and buy-in.
Sep 2014
 A different partner from the newly expanded group visits La Romana and obtains buy-in from their local partner while reinforcing messaging to partners already contacted. Debrief teleconference held among expanded group agrees to two targets: symposium in November 2015 and pre-meeting March 2015
Oct 2014 – Feb 2015
 Participant list developed; invitations extended; pre-meeting planned and final last minute prep takes place over an alternative spring break in February 2015.
March 2015
 Inaugural meeting of COSACO.