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Table 1 Invited and participant stakeholders of COSACO

From: Coalicion de Salud Comunitaria (COSACO): using a Healthy Community Partnership framework to integrate short-term global health experiences into broader community development

Health and healthcare (hospitals, clinics)
 - Local public hospitalsa
 - Local mission hospitala
 - Hospitals from neighbouring suburbs/exurbs of La Romanab
 - Local private hospitalsa
 - Provincial governor’s officeb
 - Ministry of public healthb
 - Public health departmentb
 - Local city government
Non-profit sector
 - Issue-focused non-profit organizationsa
 - Locale-focused non-profit organizationsa
 - Local academic institutionsa
Private sector
 - Key local employers/industry partners
Other community groups
 - School district
 - Law enforcement
 - Immigration bureau
All visiting STEGH groups from U.S./Canada irrespective of local partner
 - Academic groupsa
 - Non-profit groupsa
 - Faith-based groupsa
 - Other groupsa
  1. agroup represented by at least one stakeholder at the inaugural meeting in March 2015
  2. bcontact established, but did not attend March 2015