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Table 1 Projects within this South African-Canadian partnership: Interventions implemented for impact at different scalesa

From: Protecting health workers from infectious disease transmission: an exploration of a Canadian-South African partnership of partnerships

Scale project

MICRO outputs- health worker e.g. Professionals, allied workers

MESO outputs- workplace e.g. Hospital, laboratory, clinic

MACRO outputs -jurisdiction e.g. Province, national entity

1. Occupational Health and Safety Information System (OHASIS)

Health workers familiar with procedures to protect their health & safety; health workers better able to promote healthy work environments.

System established in numerous hospital workplaces, clinics & laboratories to provide information to OH professionals & facility decision-makers to support a healthy work environment.

Policies & technical support provided to provincial decision-makers for sustainably maintaining healthy work environment; & technology transfer to national partner for ongoing work with provinces.

2. Certificate programme for training health workers (see Table 2 for details)

Health workers more skilled and confident to prevent & manage HIV and TB risk in the workplace, including how to conduct & evaluate workplace interventions.

Systems and innovations implemented to better prevent and manage blood-borne and airborne infectious disease (especially TB) in workplaces of the trainees.

Policies, support and oversight for actions to prevent & control TB risk in the workplace conveyed to provincial authorities through presentations by trainees.

3. TB infection control tools, policies and procedures

Health workers more skilled and confident in taking steps to prevent and control TB risk in the workplace, including how to conduct workplace interventions.

Policies to prevent and control TB workplace risk; & systems implemented (pilot in 28 hospitals in Free State, plus one in Gauteng & one in Western Cape)

Policies and technical support for actions to prevent & control TB risk in the workplace directly discussed with Provincial executive to be implemented beyond the hospital level, and with direct coordination with national policies. (See Table 3 for Free State policies developed)

  1. aThe scale where primary emphasis for each project is targeted is noted by bold; i.e. for project #1, while all levels were affected, the primary focus of intervention is at the meso (workplace); project #2 the focus was on training health workers, so the scale is micro (individual) although clearly with the intent of having impact at the workplace and ultimately provincially and nationally; project #3 targeted both the hospital and provincial level in its implementations