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Table 11 Country case-studies

From: Trade liberalization, social policies and health: an empirical case study

Solution path Outcome Countries
1. h*M*W*G*l Improving AFM Brazil
2. H*g*L Worsening AFM Italy, Slovak Republic, Korea, Portugal (deviant)
3. h*M*w*G*l Worsening AFM Bangladesh
4. h*M*w*g Improving IMR Kyrgyz Republic, Peru (deviant)
5. H*m*w*g*L Improving IMR Korea
6. h*w*G*l Worsening IMR China, Thailand (deviant)
7. h*M*G*l Worsening IMR Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia (deviant)
  1. H highly developed, M protective labour market, W protective welfare state, G employment growth, L employment loss (lower case signifies the negation of these conditions)