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Table 1 Summary of system and training challenges and their solutions encountered during initial pilot testing

From: Implementation of an electronic fingerprint-linked data collection system: a feasibility and acceptability study among Zambian female sex workers

System issues Resolution
Occasional MTN GSM network interruptions Data is cached if a mobile connection is interrupted or unavailable. Cached data is uploaded to the central server after cellular reconnection is established or via wifi.
Ease of use Resolved by Biometrac – software will be further refined given user feedback.
Device crashing and poor USB connectivity Biometrac worked with Lumidigm to resolve the driver and USB connectivity issues and facilitate error handling (users no longer have to restart the table upon crash; they can simply disconnect and reconnect the device).
Matching A new fingerprinting templating engine was implemented in August of 2013. Matching issues appear resolved, and we will continue to monitor false positive and false negative error rates.
Prepaid airtime overruns Moved to postpaid airtime.
Training issues Resolution
Differences in user technological competence Subsequent training are incorporating local staff – pilot showed this to be effective
Lack of training among all staff Additional training and implementation of training-of-trainers model
Some clinics forget to charge the device Additional training