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Table 2 CSR activities by pharmaceutical firm

From: Corporate social responsibility in global health: an exploratory study of multinational pharmaceutical firms

  A B C D E F
Product Involvement
Donation X X X X X  
Differential pricing sales for resource poor countries X X X X X X
Special licensing agreements for resource-poor countries X    X X X
Health Systems Strengthening
Training of health care workers X   X   X X
Improved local manufacturing X   X    X
Increased product distribution capacity X X X X X X
Infrastructure investment   X X    X
Supply-chain support    X X X X
Private or informal provider engagement X X X   X X
Promoting uptake of health insurance X      X
Loan & Microfinance programs    X   X X
mHealth initiatives   X X X X X
Social marketing      X  
Health issue awareness campaigns X X   X   X
Advocacy and policy X      
Targeted Research & Development* X X X X X X
International employee placement program X X X X   
  1. *Specifically to meet developing country health needs or products with no commercial potential.