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Table 1 Roundtable agenda themes and questions

From: Preparing for Ebola Virus Disease in West African countries not yet affected: perspectives from Ghanaian health professionals

Session Theme Questions
1 Hear the story: Experiences giving patient care during the crisis • How difficult has it been to care for patients with unknown infections?
• How does this experience compare to
• treating people who might have TB, AIDS or cholera?
2 Major issues that Ghana is facing in the presence of the Ebola epidemic • What are the psychological consequences for communities, patients, families and healthcare workers?
• How have the policy implications and debates been developed?
• What are the impacts/risks in communities?
• What have the operational challenges been for developing preparedness at the level of health facilities?
3 Looking forward: Panel discussion • Can increased access to personal protective equipment transform the infection control culture and improve safety?
• How can we assist professionals to allow them to retain their professional ethics in the midst of this uncertain hazard and risk?
• Would the crisis have an impact on brain drain, and what can be done?
• What can be done to enhance preparedness for the population at large?
• What can be done to enhance resiliency?