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Table 2 Summary of competition submissions

From: Reverse innovation: an opportunity for strengthening health systems

Proposal Type of innovation Emerging market where innovation has been applied Summary
1) Technology India An effective, non-expert operable, non-invasive cardiovascular screening tool to be used by general medical practitioners.
2) Process Singapore & Japan Through the means of an app, the patient and their families would be able to centralize all administrative tasks of a hospital visit based on their services required and receive responses.
3) Process Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, & Tanzania Use of a community health worker (CHW) model who handle routine tasks in primary care, where intensive follow-up is needed to ensure patients follow the best treatments.
4) Education India, China, South Africa Development of a set of cross-cultural educational and communication tools for menopausal women of differing ethnicities to improve communications between women and their caregivers.
5) Process Thailand Decreasing isolation to improve mental wellness while promoting healthy eating habits, and encouraging volunteerism for seniors.
6) Technology Kenya & Bangladesh Biometric authentication of ID and key health information, and access health records or caregiving requirements via data or even SMS.
7) Technology/mHealth Malawi Apply the innovative use of radio and new information and communication technologies—mobile phones, podcasting and cloud-based interactive voice response services—for health promotion.
8) Technology N/A The use of red lights at night in hospital rooms to permit the secretion of melatonin and help keeping a good sleep-wake cycle.
9) Technology India A non-mydriatic eye prescreening tool which can detect glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and corneal disease with high sensitivity, and minimal invasiveness.
10) Process India, South Africa & Pakistan A pictogram-based toolkit to improve wayfinding on hospital campuses, and a simplified discharge summary designed with and for patients to improve the comprehension of medication and care instructions.
11) mHealth N/A mHealth solution to the underuse of radiotherapy in end-of-life cancer patients.
12) Technology/mHealth Southern and southwestern Asia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ghana, Serbia, Peru The use of mobile technology or m-health to transfer information to new mothers of late preterm infants, with focus on health promotion to improve efficiency in care following discharge from hospital.