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Table 2 Potential use of reverse innovation in accreditation systems

From: Hospital accreditation: lessons from low- and middle-income countries

Innovation Countries where used Applicability
Focus on entire system, not just best facilities. Thailand, Malaysia, India, Kenya, Ghana Any setting with variable quality
Indicator use very focused, requirements of accrediting body, insurer and government fully harmonized Malaysia, India Could benefit state innovation projects in US
Accreditation used as a “brand” for ambulatory facilities; linked to community education KMET in Kenya Any setting where improvement in the ambulatory setting is desirable
“Graded” accreditation used to ensure that facilities which do not fully pass are supported in improving. India; reported from other countries such as Brazil Any country where not all facilities are accredited
Surveys used to identify facility need; resources such as loans provided where appropriate Kenya, Ghana (Pharmaccess) Any country where capital resources are constrained
Surveys used as teaching opportunity Thailand, Malaysia All accreditation settings