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Table 4 Framework for professional impact experienced by UW global health volunteers: Health system competencies and examples of how they may be demonstrated

From: Learning from developing countries in strengthening health systems: an evaluation of personal and professional impact among global health volunteers at Addis Ababa University’s Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital (Ethiopia)

Competency 1. Capacity Strengthening - Coordinate and/or manage diverse teams
  - Design health worker trainings
  - Monitor and evaluate health worker trainings
Competency 2. Collaboration and Partnerships - Build trust with colleagues
  - Ensure health partnerships represent diverse perspectives
  - Set goals and expectations for health partnerships
Competency 3. Ethical Reasoning and Professionalism - Analyze ethical issues that impact diverse cultures/backgrounds
  - Promote integrity in professional practice
  - Hold self and colleagues accountable to practice standards
Competency 4. Health Equity and Social Justice Leadership - Assess disparities in the distribution of health resources
  - Empower vulnerable populations to make decisions that support health/well-being and are culturally appropriate
  - Advocate for social justice principles in patient care and/or institutional/hospital policies
Competency 5. Program Management - Conduct a formative assessment for program planning that considers local stakeholders*#x2019; resources/input
  - Apply scientific evidence throughout program planning, implementation, and evaluation
  - Utilize program evaluation results to inform modifications/improvements
Competency 6. Cultural Awareness - Describe how culture influences health decisions and outcomes
  - Design health advocacy strategies that consider diverse cultural, socio-economic, religious, and other backgrounds
  - Analyze factors that influence public health
Competency 7. Strategic Analysis and Evaluation - Implement a community health needs assessment
  - Identify relationships between social determinants of health and health outcomes in a local context
  - Propose strategies for improving health systems in limited resource settings