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Table 2 Generic codes applied to full text

From: Community-based interventions for improving maternal health and for reducing maternal health inequalities in high-income countries: a systematic map of research

1. Country(ies) where study done

8. Intervention topic.

2. Country(ies) of first author

9. Period targeted by intervention: Pregnancy (which includes abortion and miscarriage); Intrapartum; Postpartum.

3. Paper targeted at or delivered to specific PROGRESS-Plus group or disadvantaged group as defined by PROGRESS-Plus. These categories are: Place of Residence (rural women for example), Race/Ethnicity, Occupation, Religion, Education, Socioeconomic Status, and Social Capital, and Plus represents additional categories such as Age, Disability and Sexual Orientation.

10. Data collected: maternal health; child health; cost/health economics; service utilisation

4. Paper addresses WHO health promotion topics. This includes health promotion activities and health education activities within the community, and for the community, including that which occurs in health service settings.

11. Funding

5. Research question(s) study might answer: Health systems; Community settings; Tracer conditions/single clinical interventions; Tracer conditions/other interventions; Health service utilisation/non-intervention research; Health promotion; Other.

12. HIC Codes

6. Study design: RCT or SR

a. Intervention delivery: home; telephone; peer delivered; other

7. Intervention recipient: women; family; male partner; traditional birth attendant; community health worker; midwife/nurse; other mid-level provider; doctor/obstetrician; community; manager(s); policy maker(s); system; rural setting; urban setting; other.

b. Intervention provider: health professional; peer; community volunteer; other