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Table 5 Local evidence in cost of diabetes

From: Diabetes in Argentina: cost and management of diabetes and its complications and challenges for health policy

Study Evidence Cost values*
Olivera et al. (1991) [28] Total costs for absenteeism and early retirement in a cohort of people with diabetes US$ 374,000 and US$ 29,929,900, respectively.
Gagliardino et al. (2004) [19] Hospitalization due to cardiovascular disease in diabetic people vs. non-diabetic people US$ 1,628 vs. US$ 833
  Hospitalization due to acute vs. chronic complications in diabetic people US$ 2,096 vs. US$879
  Most expensive causes of hospitalization in diabetic people: cardiac and peripheral vascular events US$ 2,476 and US$ 2,219, respectively.
Gagliardino et al. (2006) [20] Direct medical cost per capita of a comprehensive diabetes care programme vs. control group (without structured programme) US$ 1,733 vs. US$ 2,429
Caporale et al. (2006) [21] Pre vs. post-hospitalization ambulatory care cost of people with diabetes over the same period of time (6 months) US$ 904 vs. US$ 798
Caporale et al. (2010) [9] Additional net annual per capita cost of simulated treatments to avoid hospitalization in diabetic people US$ 400 to US$ 530
Caporale et al. (2011) [26] Incremental costs of a public health care programme for people with T2DM without complications AR$ 1,503 to AR$ 1,141
  1. *Cost data are reported without any intertemporal adjustment.