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Table 2 Recent initiatives by Her Majestys Government for promoting the NHS overseas

From: Sharing the British National Health Service around the world: a self-interested perspective

National policy or initiative Brief description and challenges Government or other sponsor
Health Partnerships Schemeo Aims “to support the development of health services in some of the world’s poorest countries” drawing on the experience of the NHS, academe and professional organisations. Department for International Development – DFID; (NHS organisations and employees)
Relies largely on NHS (or individuals) volunteering their time/resources: challenging in current financial environment and may undermine longer-term sustainability of partnerships esp. in sub-Saharan Africa.
Health is Globalp An attempt to articulate a cross-government vision for global health, through an outcomes framework for global health (2011–2015) setting out set out how UK Government departments should work together coherently to improve health in the UK and overseas Department of Health – DH; (DFID)
An independent review of the strategy highlighted lack of cross-government coordination, leadership and UK institutional champions and a lack of financial[33].
Global Development Partnerships Programmeq Aimed at ensuring coordination between DFID and other government departments and No 10, with an emphasis on DFID’s engagement with emerging powers and a view to catalyse South/South partnerships and boost the civic/donor responsibility of the BRICS countries. DFID
Healthcare UK New (Dec 2012) unit jointly sponsored and resourced by UKTI and DH and hosted by UKTI aimed at exporting UK expertise in healthcare (NHS and commercial), through a project-specific high priority country approach. UK Trade and Industry/BIS; (DH)
No explicit relationship building or development focus. Fragmented and somewhat short-termist
NHS Globalr Predecessor to Healthcare UK, with a predominantly commercial focus aimed at supporting NHS-span businesses abroad NHS (FCO; UKTI/BIS)
Was commercial remit and short term in its outlookit has now been terminated
India – UK CEO Forums Established by the British and Indian Prime Ministers in 2010 to help achieve the two governments’ aim “to be ambitious in seeking to substantially increase trade and significantly increase investment between the UK and India”. Health identified as one of 4 key priorities [31]. Government of India – UK Government;
Lack of dedicated seed funding on the UK sidesome initiatives such as primary care pilots in Kerala have been completed but unclear how they can now be scaled up/taken forward. For health: Wellcome Trust and No 10; (DH; UKTI; FCO; DFID)
Innovation, Health and Wealtht NHS strategy (Dec 2011) for embracing and embedding innovation across the NHS, improving outcomes and driving growth for the UK. Sets out a requirement for NHS organisations to increase national and international activity” with a focus on commercial income generating opportunities. NHS; (UKTI)