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Table 2 GWAS on non-communicable diseases in African and recent African ancestry populations obtained from the National Human Genome Research Institute catalogue of published genome-wide association studies (GWAS)

From: Biomedical research, a tool to address the health issues that affect African populations

Disease/Trait Sample size Replication sample size Genes Ref
Asthma 422 cases; 1,533 controls 3,750 white cases; 13,365 white controls; 592 white trios; 1,903 black cases; 2,432 black controls; 929 black family members PDE4D [55]
Asthma 464 African American cases; 471 African American controls; 1,028 African Caribbean family members 994 European descent cases; 1,243 European descent controls; 2,331 African descent cases, 2,874 African descent controls (includes family members) NS [56]
Asthma 793 European ancestry child cases; 1,988 European ancestry child controls 917 European ancestry child cases; 1,546 European ancestry child controls; 1,667 African American child cases; 2,045 African American child controls DENND1B, CRB1 [54]
Asthma 2,088 European American cases; 1,612 African American and African Caribbean cases; 1,688 Latino cases 2,727 European American cases; 2,147 African American and African Caribbean case; 2,299 Latino cases GSDMB, IL1RL1, TSLP, IL33, PYHIN1, C11orf71, CRCT1 [57]
Sickle cell anemia (severity) 177 African American severe patients; 1,088 African American mild patients 68 severe patients; 95 mild patients NS [58]
Sickle cell anemia (HbF modifiers) 2040 African American sickle cell anemia patients NR BCL11A, HBS1L-MYB [59]
Podoconiosis 194 cases and 203 controls from Africa 202 family trios (two parents and one affected child) for family-based association testing; 94 cases and 94 controls for HLA-typing HLA-DQA1 [60]
  1. NR not replicated, NS not significant.