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Table 1 GWAS of African and African ancestry populations on communicable diseases obtained from the National Human Genome Research Institute catalogue of published genome-wide association studies (GWAS)

From: Biomedical research, a tool to address the health issues that affect African populations

Disease Sample size Replication sample size Genes Ref
HIV (mother-to-child transmission) 100 Malawian infant cases, 126 Malawian infant controls NR NS [43]
HIV-1 susceptibility 848 Malawian cases, 531 Malawian controls NR AL591509.5, GLRX3, TXNL3, FAM174B, AC009271.7, ZDHHC19, BUD13 [44]
HIV-1 viral setpoint 496 HIV-1 infected individuals of African ancestry; 302 HIV-1 exposed and uninfected individuals of African ancestry NR VEGFC, EPHA5, HIST1H4A, AL391500.13, KB-67B5.12, CMTM8, AC095058.3, AC087190.5-2, DNAJC5B, ZFP90, MAD2L1, HSP90AB3P, Intergenic chr 2, GALNT14 [45]
Malaria 958 Gambian cases; 1,382 Gambian controls; all children 1,087 Gambian cases; 2,376 Gambian controls, all children HBB, SCO1, DDC [31]
Tuberculosis 921 Ghanaian cases; 1,740 Ghanaian controls, 1,316 Gambian cases; 1,382 Gambian controls 1,226 Ghanaian cases; 3,825 Ghanaian controls; 236 Malawian cases; 779 Malawian controls; 332 Ghana parent/child trios and duos GATA6,CTAGE1,RBBP8,CABLES1 [46]
  1. NR not replicated, NS not significant.