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Table 4 Comparing freely available online curricula for short-term global health ethics

From: An ethics curriculum for short-term global health trainees

Website Broad conceptual framework Primarily case-based Includes specific cases or scenarios Certificate available for completion Part of global health curriculum Some modules in Spanish Notes
Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC) Teaching Modules    X   X X · Self-navigation through PowerPoint        · Ethics integrated within "Working and Visiting in Low Resource Countries"
Unite for Sight Volunteer Ethics and Online Professionalism Course    X X (cost) X   · Self-navigation through text based modules        · Focuses on professional behavior abroad
Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health and Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, “Ethical Challenges in Short-term Global Health Training”        · Self-navigation through cases   X X X (free)    · Focuses on common scenarios
· Employs multiple choice questions and real-time feedback
University of British Columbia, “Ethics of International Engagement and Service-Learning Project”        · Users navigate through various menus X   X     · Includes cases, pedagogy, and philosophical analysis
        · Employs open-ended question and answers