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Table 5 Mapping individual benefit domains onto existing professional development frameworks

From: Do health partnerships with organisations in lower income countries benefit the UK partner? A review of the literature

Domain Benefits identified by this literature review Knowledge & skills framework (KSF) Common competencies for doctors (Academy of royal medical colleges) Continuing professional development NHS leadership framework GMC good medical practice
Clinical skills Clinical skills, managing tropical diseases, ability to cope in different environments Quality, personal development Basic clinical competencies Knowledge, Skills and Performance Demonstrating personal qualities Good clinical care
Management skills Innovation, prioritisation of limited resources Health, safety, security Patient safety, Legal & ethical aspects of care, Management and leadership Safety and Quality Managing services Maintaining good medical practice
Communication and teamwork Teamwork, relationships, diplomacy, languages Communication, people development Communication Communication, Partnership and Teamwork Working with others Working with colleagues
Patient experience and dignity Understanding of different cultures, understanding of global health Equality and diversity Personal attitudes & behaviour, patient safety Maintaining Trust Demonstrating personal qualities Relationship with patients
Service/policy development & implementation Understanding of other health systems, diplomacy Service improvement    Improving services, setting direction, creating vision, delivering strategy  
Academic skills Education, research   Standards of care and education    Teaching, training, appraising and assessing