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Table 3 Grouping codes into domains for individual benefits

From: Do health partnerships with organisations in lower income countries benefit the UK partner? A review of the literature

Domain Benefit to individual Initial codes
Clinical skills Tropical Diseases Learning about tropical conditions
  Clinical Skills Able to manage without technology
Management skills Innovation in healthcare delivery and Creative thinking, resourcefulness, innovation, problem-solving
  use of resources  
  Ability to Cope in Different Environments Adaptability, flexibility, ability to cope in pressurised environment, ability to cope with complexity
  Prioritisation of Limited Resources Resource management
  Self–Understanding Self-awareness, self-reliance, humility, understanding of own limits
  Leadership and Management Leadership and management
Communication and teamwork Improved skills of negotiation with multiple stakeholders Diplomacy
  Team-working Cross-sectoral teams, multi-disciplinary working
  Increased appreciation of and skills in maintaining of relationships Build productive relationships, new friends, value of relationships
  Languages Opportunity to learn and use languages
Patient experience and dignity Greater appreciation of factors influencing health in other countries Understanding of the global context, understanding of needs of developing countries
  Increased knowledge and appreciation of other cultures Knowledge of other cultures, understanding of people from other countries
Policy Understanding of other health systems Ability to work in other health systems
  Perspective on UK problems Appreciation of NHS, perspective on UK problems
  New Ideas Appreciation of value of new ideas, openness to new ideas
Academic skills Education, Training and Research Training delivery & research skills, understanding of how to target training, learning to apply for grants, utilising policy skills, research ideas, opportunities & interest
Personal satisfaction and interest Lifelong Interest in Global Health & Development Lifelong interest in global health and development
  Personal Satisfaction New relationships and friends, learning languages, delivering training