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Table 2 Summary of the Grey Literature (see Additional file 1 : Appendix 3 for definitions of each category and Additional file 1 : Appendix 4 for a detailed breakdown of grey literature)

From: Do health partnerships with organisations in lower income countries benefit the UK partner? A review of the literature

Organisational affiliation of author Number of documents Category of literature Number of documents Level of evidence Number of documents
National Governmental Organisation 4 Policy Document 4 Level I 0
National Non-Governmental 14 Guidance Document 3 Level II 0
Sub National Governmental Organisation 4 Evaluation Document 6 Level III 4
Sub National Non-Governmental Organisation 3 Project Announcement or Project Report 5 Level IV 2
Academic Institution 5 Conference Report 2 Level V (a) 2
Individual Health Link 2 Presentation 3 Level V (b) 6
   Webpages 5 Ungraded (Level VI) 18
   Press Release 4   
Total Number of Studies: 32 Total Number of Studies: 32 Total Number of Studies: 32