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Table 1 Summary of published literature

From: Do health partnerships with organisations in lower income countries benefit the UK partner? A review of the literature

Study Date Journal Author Level of evidence
Hands Across the Equator 1988 BMJ Wood JB, Hills EA VI
Hands Across the Equator: 8 years on 1994 BMJ Wood JB, Hills EA, and Keto FJ VI
Research into practice: 10 years of international public health partnership between the UK and Swaziland 2010 Journal of Public Health Wright J, Walley J, Philip A, Petros P, Ford H Vb
International health links: an evaluation of partnerships between health-care organizations in the UK and developing countries 2006 Tropical Doctor Baguley D, Killeen T, Wright J III
International Health Links movement expands in the United Kingdom 2010 International Health Leather A, Butterfield C, Peachey K, Silverman M, Sheriff R Vb
Global health partnerships: leadership development for a purpose 2009 Leadership in Health Services Hockey P, Tobin A, Kemp J, Kerrigan J, Kitsell F, Green P, Sewell A, Smith C, Stanwick S, Lees P Vb
NHS Links: a new approach to international health links 2005 BMJ Careers Sloan J, Wright J, Silverman M Vb
UROLINK – benefits for trainees from both sides 2002 British Journal of Urology International Gujral S, Nassanga R Vb
Twinning: the future for sustainable collaboration 2002 British Journal of Urology International MacDonagh R, Jiddawi M, V. Parry V Vb