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Table 1 HSS funding assessment framework (abridged)

From: Global health initiative investments and health systems strengthening: a content analysis of global fund investments

Building Block Function Intervention
Governance Capacity building See Additional file 1: Table S1
  Sector integration  
  National health strategy development  
Financing Maximise social protection  
  Improve resource effectiveness  
  Patient and/or provider incentives  
  Financial management transparency  
Information Health information systems strengthening  
  Strategies to increase evidence-based planning  
  Increase accessibility of information  
Human resources Support for pre-service training  
  Support for in-service health workforce  
Medicines and technology Support for rational use of essential medicines  
  Improve management of essential medicines  
  Affordable, quality essential drugs programme  
  Health service supplies (non-consumables)  
Service delivery Infrastructure  
  Measures to increase coverage - supply  
  Measures to increase coverage - demand