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Table 5 Recent government actions to prevent and control diabetes[27, 28]

From: Diabetes in Mexico: cost and management of diabetes and its complications and challenges for health policy

1. Development of massive communication programmes to raise awareness of the disease and of the benefits of healthy weight, adequate diet and physical activity.
2. Regulation of food distributed in Mexican primary schools.
3. Launch of massive self-care diabetes campaigns.
4. Unification of guidelines and criteria to diagnose and control diabetes.
5. Development of self-support groups for diabetic patients.
6. Strengthening of knowledge and competences for health personnel and improvement of access to information by the health sector and general population.
7. Development of a National Health Card for adults (similar to the children vaccination card), in which criteria and objectives for health risks are prioritized and evaluations of healthy weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and lipids are emphasized.