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Table 2 Selected BRICS countries’ institutions

From: ‘BRICS without straw’? A systematic literature review of newly emerging economies’ influence in global health

Country Name of institution Public or private Sphere of influence Selected health issues
Brazil Agência Brasileira do Cooperação (ABC) Public Regional bilateral; Africa Malaria; HIV/AIDS; universal health care; nutrition; human milk banks; surveillance; technology transfer
Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) Public Latin America R&D; production of vaccines, reagents, drugs and diagnostics; human resource training; nutrition
Russia Roscooperation (inter-ministerial commission) Public Russia’s fledging international aid agency International health development
Medical schools Public and academic sector CIS and Asia Training for 20,000 medical students annually; disease surveillance
India Public health foundation of India Public-private funded Nationally and bilaterally with US and UK Established a network of public health schools
Aravind Eye Care Private Nationally; China and Egypt Technical assistance for eye care
Dept. of Biotechnology Public National Biotechnology Innovation
National AIDS Research Institute Public National Medical research
China China National Biotec Group (CNBG) Public-private National Vaccine innovation
Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceutical Co. Public-private National Women’s condom
South Africa Treatment Action Campaign; AIDS Law Project Not-for-profit non-government organization National Activism for access to drugs
  Desmond Tutu AIDS Centre Public National and bilateral with US and Europe R&D and clinical research focused on infectious diseases