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Table 1 Key documents on BRICS economies and global health

From: ‘BRICS without straw’? A systematic literature review of newly emerging economies’ influence in global health

Author(s)/Editor(s) Title Focus countries Document type Published by Geographical location of authors’ institution (country) Year of publication
Bliss, K (Ed) Key Players in Global Health: How Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are influencing the game [12]. B, R, I, C, S Report CSIS Global Health Policy Centre USA 2010
Bliss, K Health Diplomacy of Foreign Governments [13] B, C, R Report CSIS Global Health Policy Centre USA 2011
Tytel B and Callahan K (Eds) Shifting Paradigm: How the BRICS are reshaping global health and development [14] B, R, I, C, S Report Global Health Strategies Initiative (GHSi) USA; Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, UK 2012
Gomez, E The Politics of Receptivity and Resistance: How Brazil, India, China, and Russia Strategically use the International health Community in Response to HIV/AIDS: A Theory [15] B, R, I, C Journal article Global Health Governance 3:1 USA 2009
Kirton J, Larionova M and Alagh Y (Eds) BRICS New Delhi Summit [16] B, R, I, C, S Summit Report BRICS Research Group, Uni. Of Toronto Canada 2012
Ruger, J and Noray, N Emerging and transitioning countries’ role in global health [17] B, R, I, C Journal article St. Louis University Journal of Health & Law 3:253 USA 2010
Yu, P Access to Medicines, BRICS Alliances, and Collective Action [18] B, R, I, C, S Journal article American Journal of Law and Medicine USA, China 2008