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Table 3 Employment and assets ownership indicators

From: Community concepts of poverty: an application to premium exemptions in Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme

  Categories/Communities Metropolitan Rural Semi urban Typically farming Typically fishing
Employment a. Very poor a. Unemployed; by day farm laborer a. Beggars a. Beggars a. By-day farm laborer a. Fish and water porters
b. Poor b. By day laborers; child labor to supplement family income b. A laborer; thief; lazy person b. A farm laborer b. Mobile tailors, by day construction workers b.Kitchen assistants
c. Middle class c. Artisans; informal self-employee; formal sector employees c. Farmer able to harvest up to 5 bags of cocoa annually; mobile goods retailer c. A farmer able to hire laborers; an artisan; a taxi driver c. Retailers, artisans, drivers, traders, teachers c. Mini retail services, artisans, salaried workers
d. Rich d. Retail and wholesale business d. Farmer able to harvest up to 10 bags of cocoa annually d. A farmer able to hire laborers; owner of a drug/agro-chemical store d. Wholesalers, drug store/agro chemical shop owners d. Contractor involved in wholesale business
e. Very rich e. Commercial trader with agglomeration of stores; medical doctor; building and road contractors; money lender e. A farmer-able to harvest cocoa up to 40 bags a year; salaried workers e. Owns and operate a private school e. Commercial vehicle owner, money lender e. Owns a boat with employees
Assets Ownership
Assets Ownership a. Very poor a. No assets a. No assets a. No assets a. No assets a. No assets
b. Poor b. Radio b. Less an acre of land b. Less than an acre of land for farming b.1 piece of cloth; 1 ½ acre of land; radio, goats b. Radio
c. Middle class c. Radio, DVD players, living room furniture, TV c. Has a mobile Phone c. 2 acres of land for farming, fridge, stores, TV c. 3 acres of land for cocoa farming, brick house, TV, radio, fridge c.½ plot of land; fridge; has a 3 bedroom house; set of furniture
d. Rich d. Has 1 car; Has about 6 taxis working for him d. A retail shop; 5–6 acres of cocoa farms d. Radio, mobile phone, TV, audio system for hiring, land (10 acres) d. Corn mill; commercial vehicles; 4 acres cocoa farm, 4 acres of palm plantation, 3 acres of orange farm d. Personal boat for fishing
  e. Very rich e. Saw mill/flour mill e. Above 10 acres of cocoa farms e. Compound houses for hiring, a private school; mobile phone; over 10 acres of land e. 12 acres of cocoa land, 6 acres for palm plantation; drug store, chain saw for commercial purposes e. Employed other fishermen working with other boats owned