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Table 2 Themes and categories used for pile sorting and data analysis

From: Perceptions of government knowledge and control over contributions of aid organizations and INGOs to health in Nepal: a qualitative study

Themes Categories Sub categories
Theme I: Relationship between GoN and INGOs  
  A. Government Knowledge of INGOs working in the field of health  
B. Coordination between INGOs and  GoN 1. General agreement technicalities
2. Project agreement technicalities
3. Compliance of INGOs with SWC rules*
4. Monitoring and Evaluation by SWC
5. Competence of SWC
Theme II: Relationship between GoN and EDPs A. Government Knowledge of work done by EDPs  
  B. SWAp 1. Support for SWAp*
2. GoN as leader of SWAp
3. Achievements due to SWAp
C. Aid Flow 1. Aid flow through government channels
2. Aid flow through non government channels
D. Coordination Mechanisms between GoN and EDPs  
Theme III: Coordination within the GoN  
Theme IV: Difficulties Encountered by Government, EDPs and INGOs working in the Field of Health  
Theme V: Remarkable observations*  
  1. *Three additional Themes and Sub-Categories were added later during the pile sorting.