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Table 2 Priority NCDs in Mozambique

From: Non-communicable diseases in Mozambique: risk factors, burden, response and outcomes to date

Condition Data available Rational for choice
Cardiovascular disease [28] 1.7 Strokes per day in Maputo Central Hospital High burden of disease with high mortalityand burden on health system
Hypertension [26] National prevalence of 33.1% High burden of disease for whole population
Diabetes [38, 39, 42] · National prevalence of 2.9% High burden of disease for whole population,high cost of disease for individual and healthsystem, high mortality for Type 1 diabetes
  · Life expectancy for Type 1 diabetes 3.8 years in Maputo Cityand 7 months in rural areas  
  · Between 2001–2003 expenditure on insulin represented 10% ofgovernment expenditure on medicines was spent on insulin  
1. Breast 1. Third cause of cancer in women based on registered casesin Beira cancer register High level of morbidity and mortality,burden on health system
2. Cervical 2. First cause of cancer in women in cancer register in Beira,represents 27.6% of all cancers diagnosed at Maputo Central Hospital  
3. Prostate [34, 36, 37] 3. Data from Maputo Central Hospital shows that prostate cancerrepresents 60% of consultations and inpatient care in the Urology.In 2005 represented 207 cases (20%) of cancers in men  
Asthma [4446] · Prevalence of asthma was estimated to be 13.3% in childrenaged 6–7 years and adolescents aged 13–14 years. High level of morbidity, poor managementand burden on health system
  · 100% of registered asthma patients in Maputo city used emergencyservices during one month  
  · In paediatric department asthma is second cause of inpatient treatment