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Table 1 Outline of Mozambique’s National Plan for NCDs

From: Non-communicable diseases in Mozambique: risk factors, burden, response and outcomes to date

Section Content
1. Introduction a. Background informationon Mozambique
  i. Geographic and demographicdata
  ii. Socioeconomic information
  iii. Health indicators
  iv. Information on health system
2. Situation analysis a. Specific disease
  i. Worldwide burden
  ii. Sub-Saharan African burden
  iii. Mozambique burden
  iv. Specific interventionsfor disease
3. Financial and socialimpact of NCDs a. Worldwide impact
  b. Sub-Saharan impact
  c. Mozambican impact
4. Prevention strategiesfor NCDs a. For specific disease
  i. Primary
  ii. Secondary
  iii. Tertiary
5. Existing measures forNCDs in Mozambique a. Activities developed perlevel of prevention
  b. SWOT analysis
6. National Strategic Plan for theprevention and control of NCDs a. Vision
  b. Mission
  c. Guiding principles
  d. General objective
  e.Strategic objectives
  f. Main strategies
  g. Areas of intervention
7. Objectives and selected strategies  
8. Implementation a. Target group
  b. Implementation plan
9. Monitoring and evaluation  
10. Activity matrix a. Logframes of differentactivities
11. Budget