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Table 1 Comparative look at cancer registries in four provinces of Turkey

From: Cancer registries in four provinces in Turkey: a case study

Province(region covered) Year established Local advisory committee Staff capacity Ongoing trainings for staff International quality data International journal publications Specific barriers
Izmir (Western Turkey) 1992 Yes 32 full time; 10 part time Yes Yes Yes Current bureaucratic set-up
Missing mortality data
Lack of staff
Antalya (Southern Turkey) 1995 Yes 10 full time; 42 part time Yes Yes No Missing demographic data
Incomplete SEER staging data
Samsun(Northern Turkey) 2001 Yes 16 full time; 12 part time Yes No No Some passive data collection methods
Missing demographic
Erzurum (Eastern Turkey) 2005 Yes 7 full time; 2 part time Yes No No Inadequate access to laboratories
Missing demographic data
Lack of staff