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Table 2 Representation of social science disciplines as listed by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK

From: Understanding India, globalisation and health care systems: a mapping of research in the social sciences

  Number of articles Publication date            
    Area and Development Studies Economic and Social History Economics Education Human Geography Management and Business Studies Political Science and International Studies Social Anthropology Social Policy Socio-Legal Studies Sociology
Transnational movement of healthcare workforce 29 1989-2009        
Transnational consumption of services 21 2004-2011          
Production, consumption and trade in specific healthcare related commodities 21 1998-2010          
Transnational diffusion of ideas and knowledge 19 1998-2010       
New global governance issues and structures 14 2000-2010           
Transnational delivery of services 8 2001-2009            
Transnational movement of capital 7 2001-2010