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Table 7 Top produce items of concern, 2007

From: A comparative study of allowable pesticide residue levels on produce in the United States

FDA Pesticide Monitoring Program*
(imported commodities)
EPA Dietary Risk Index**
(imported commodities)
Environmental Working Group's "Dirty Dozen"
(imported and domestic commodities)***
Top 10 Items of Concern (based on excess residue modeling as described in methods)
Fruits and Vegetables Fruits Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and Vegetables
Berries, dried or paste Grapes Peaches Oranges
Ginseng, herbal and botanical, other than tea Peaches Apples Cucumbers
Snow peas Cantaloupe Sweet bell peppers Apples
Mango, dried or paste Apples Celery Melons
Celery, dried or paste   Nectarines Bananas
Chinese okra (luffa)   Strawberries Bell peppers
Chinese/Thai eggplant Vegetables Cherries Grapes
Red beet Lettuce Kale Summer Squash
Pear Peppers Lettuce Tomatoes
Chutney Cucumbers Grapes (imported) Winter Squash
Papaya Celery Carrots  
Spinach Tomatoes Pears  
  1. *The FDA Pesticide Monitoring Program annually samples imported produce at the point of entry to the U.S.
  2. ** The EPA Dietary Risk Index is based on data from the USDA Pesticide Data Program, which conducts tests on agricultural commodities available for consumption in the U.S.
  3. *** Environmental Working Group's "dirty dozen" reflects an analysis of data from both USDA and FDA testing.